Is Auto Quick Income A Scam?

You might be wondering whether Auto Quick Income is a scam.

I don’t blame you for asking the question, after all there are a lot of binary scams out there and this could quite easily be one. However I am happy to tell you it’s not. I’ve been testing it since the 15th when it launched and my results are positive.

I’ll be sharing my full review in my next post and sharing details on the specific trades I took. In the first week I actually traded a demo-account. In other words I used fake money after opening my real account so that I could test Auto Quick Income.

After week 1 I was in profit and things looked good, so in week 2 I switched to real money to see whether my results were the same. After 2 weeks (1 demo and 1 real) I had consistent profit and I’m very pleased with the results Auto Quick Income app has got for me.

Check back for my full review soon


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Auto Quick Income – First Thoughts!

Hey, JC here and welcome to my Auto Quick Income review.

This new binary system launched a couple of weeks ago, and during that time I’ve been testing it to find out whether it’s the real deal. I must admit I was more than sceptical when I first checked it out but it did look interesting.

Over the past 2 weeks I’ve had some positive results and now I am ready to share them with the world :)


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